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Thank you for replying, Alan, unfortunately, I didn't understand a word. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. And it is easy to take some aspects of common activities for granted.

When will Nokia come out with new firmware? Visit her website to snag one of your very own. We'd like to sincerely thank all of the companies who were apart of this show.

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In this interview Marty tells Shelly the inspiration for Objective Ed and how it grew out of the success of Blindfold Games. We present to you a Blind Bargains first, as two of our contributors team up for a special conference interview and a one-of-a-kind special tasting. Yours, unrelaxed, annoyed and cross person not lsitening to radio but wasting time typing!

Whether you're attending or not, we've got a demonstration of the new Micro-Speak which will give you a feel for this product before you arrive. For now, there s nothing on the road map. Our resident Gadget Guy Liam is with J. In diesem Verzeichnis werden alle Medien und Einstellungen gespeichert.

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However now that the summer shows have ended, we're back to recording shows in the studio and not in a hotel. Sadly, most of these automated systems rely on touch screens for their general use. Head over to the Speed Dots website to learn more about the various items in the catalog.

We also learn a bit more about the unit s voice control functionality and various pricing for the hardware options available in the OrCam line. And he notes that the new unlimited plan is active now. Hey wait, how did that get there?

Well oddly enough Jeff Mills, one of the Co-Founders of Grackle, tells Joe that the company is working towards this very thing in an upcoming release of the product. Hear how the unit folds down, the battery life and the operating system in this interview. Let us know on Twitter, email us at feedback blindbargains. Joe is cruising far away from civilization, so Shelly Brisbin stopped by to hold down the fort. We re back in the studio proper and we even have some news on hand despite it being the last month of the year.

Hear Rachel Feinberg tells Meka about products like the power Cube. But rest assured that there are no cats mentioned in this episode. But not everyone wants to go to that extreme.

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So grab your dongles, sit back and relax while we discuss Apple and Microsoft. Find out about pollbooks and hear an overview of the Welcome Voter Kiosk. Also covered is a brief discussion about new changes made to Google Calendar and how you can add contacts to Google Meet.


And now the podcast you've been waiting for. Visit the Objective Ed website to learn more about this project And fans of Marty s Blindfold Games work should keep reading that site too as new games are on the horizon. Eine Art Multitasking, bei der Apps beim Beenden nicht geschlossen, sondern pausiert werden. This episode is shorter than usual, however, you may find it memorable just the same. And there tends to be a bit of a theme this go around as we talk about stories with numeric values.

You may not have heard of Verizon Media but you may recognize some of the properties that they work on including Yahoo! Unfortunately, they are still necessary evils that many of us encounter in our daily travels. Crowd assistance platform Aira is expanding and now opening up its app to a new round of users which they call pioneers. Jason Merrill is the lead engineer for the Desmos Graphing Calculator, a free tool that students or anyone can use to perform simple or mor advanced calculations.

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We often get asked about the origins of the Blind Bargains web player, so rather than us talk about it, we went straight to the source. Sybmian only plays Real Player streams. Be aware that users can disable protocols in the property settings of the Player. If Nokia is ever going to provide an upgrade, fast love mp3 then it'll be part of a new firmware version. Nokia has not been in the habit of announcing new firmware versions in advance.

The Patriot ViewPoint is a new wearable that is ideal for people with macular degeneration. Shelly demonstrates a working prototype of a talking tactile brain that has been created for Maryland s National Museum Of Health and Medicine. Dave Williams, host of the Braillecast podcast, joins J.

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And you can learn more about the product's accessibility by reading this blog post. There are a lot of things to consider before a city can add these devices to the traffic grid. Joe has a tasty tip in store, the Last Word is full of audio goodness and we have a lively discussion in the news section. To learn more, visit the Confident Navigator website.

Also, you won't believe which Qast host defends one particular Apple device or why. The GuideReader is distributed in the U. We have a lot to cover this week and it really isn't related to the news section. To learn more about accessible voting, visit the Votec w ebsite. Topical posts on this blog.

Altix is a Polish company focused on accessible tactile experiences including games and educational aids including a forthcoming talking and tactile globe. Due to the recording schedule, we won't be discussing Microsoft or Apple's recent events. This week's episode is chock full of demos, tips and even an interview. So limber up your Braille reading fingers and dive into episode of the blind bargains Qast.

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There are a lot of rules and laws at play when it comes to the process of voting. Hear Dave take Joe on a tour of some of the menus, basic features and a surprise or two along the way.

Each device utilizes a Samsung phone or tablet, with a tactile overlay, to give a user the ability to learn more about pictures and text through haptics and sound. Tim Cook entschuldigt Karten-Desaster. David Bradburn, longtime friend of the show, returns to talk about Video Magnifiers and his recent international travel exploits. So it switches automatically to distance or close-up cameras. So when you do the update, if you didn t do it off the bat, it s going to be divided into four.

To stay up to date with everything going on with access at Microsoft, and to attend their new webinar series, follow Microsoft Access on Twitter. Braille, voice access, security concerns and more comprise just some of the topics covered in the bottom half of our countdown. You can learn more from the Hims GoVision page. How satisfied are you with this reply? So that s a quick download, quick install, does it automatically, everything s done for you.

Now, here s Shelly Brisbin. Collins has much to bring J.