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It is used by Reggie to destroy Jake's army. You may be looking for the application or the episode.

At the store they have a game with the Adventureland vampire girl who I like for this. Not everyone likes the psychedelic art of Adventure Time, angry birds for symbian anna so that might be a hindrance to the game.

No digging in with nails or having to sweep a card off the table to pick it up! Popular Characters See more. As Finn's turn ends, Jake gleefully declares that fate has turned in his favor, declaring his intent to destroy Finn's pig and regain the advantage on his turn. After taking a sip, Finn claims that it is good and asks if Jake wants to try it, and a surprised Jake obliges. Also, Landscape tiles can be turned face down, to hurt your opponent or benefit you This then affects the resources but could grant you amaziiiiing powerrrrr.

They are sturdy and very easy to pick up, which is important due to some cards flipping the Landscapes. He looks like a wizard who wears a purple cloak with a hood. Buildings have special effects which can aid the player using them. Although the resulting lava flow annihilates most of Jake's own kingdom, a stray rock destroys Finn's cave, along with the pig inside it. Jake explains that Lady Rainicorn does not want to play with him anymore because he always beats her.

Finn asks what is in the box, and Jake eventually explains that the box contains the cards to play Card Wars. There is also a real card game version of Card Wars'. Bring creatures into play onto specific Landscape tiles. The Landscape pieces have some heft to them. You may be looking for the game or the application.

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Jake attempts to attack the Pig, but is unable to affect him. Reading this game it is something I played. It destroyed all of Jake's land, but he used Reclaim Landscape to reconstitute all of it. However, as the pig begins to return to Finn's side, it gets stuck in the mud and falls under Jake's control.

Finn sends his Pig here to rest up. My one concern is longevity. Can shoot multiple corn-arrows per attack phase, each of which are capable of destroying a building. Creatures, Buildings and Spells.

Adventure Time Season 4 Episode 14 Card Wars

This article is about the board game. Learning cards are powered by intelligence, so a player could send someone to learn, and in turn, that person will receive power. Before beginning a turn, a player must discard a card from his or her hand and pick up another card from his or her deck. Jake admits that Finn is correct. Jake attempts to kill Finn's Pig by scaring it to death, but the Pig is sleeping in the Cave of Solitude and is unaffected.

Eventually, he uses Volcano to destroy the Cave of Solitude along with the Pig. So this makes the game crazy fast and makes each card play that much more important. Finn and Jake play an epic card game, where Jake becomes overly competitive. Finn seems uncertain how to proceed with the beginning of his turn, and Jake tells him that he needs to discard a card from his hand and draw a new one.

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Also, at the lower right corner of each creature card there are two numbers with a forward slash representing that specific card's stats. When powered up by corn, its features become more jagged and lightning-like sparks shoot off its body. In the episode, it is used by Jake to attack Finn's kingdom but died. One of Jake's landscapes in the episode, the others are Useless Swamp.

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It is used by Charlie to win the first round. Each has an Action Cost in the upper left and a Landscape type in the upper right. During your turn you take several steps in order until your turn is over. Lady Rainicorn, but I found that the game was balanced in a great way. While in the episode, Jake summons the creature but Finn's Spirit Tower makes the creature goes to Finn's side.

Creatures are played to your landscape tiles or lanes. Jake used this card on his first turn in order to look at Finn's hand.

Adventure Time Card Wars is a thoughtfully made card game. Jake attempts to attack Finn with these creatures twice, but they are defeated by the Pig eating Jake's Cornfield their source of power both times. Finn used the Study ability in order to learn Raise the Dead, which he then used to bring back his Pig card. Spells are played and discarded. The hand management and card play choices are pretty good in this simple game.

This pretty much sums up your resources for the game. Is this the next Magic or Pokemon?