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Vivian decided to host a party at her new townhouse and invited Stefano. The Woman in White dropped it on the way to the courthouse, but Jack Deveraux found it and got it there in time to save John from the gas chamber. Stefano went to Jonesy's townhouse, which in reality was his, to get some cash from a secret hiding place. Stefano laughed that the new John will hurt his loved ones so much that they might have preferred he had stayed dead.

Brady retaliated and Chad was shot in the shoulder. Stefano confessed to everything she accused him of, but claimed that it was a false confession. Hope and Bo rush the baby to the hospital after it loses consciousness.

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It turns out that Glen was Marlo's ex-boyfriend and could be the father of her baby. When Stefano hopped in a car and drove off, John shot at the tires. That means you Mofar Morfar doesnt want to play due to him thinking there may be haters and Cry!

Marlena felt especially bad for Stefano, who was paralyzed and amnesiac. Stefano lived, photo stalker but he was paralyzed and suffered from amnesia. Stephanos House so you tried mine as well?

Uploading it today or tomorrow. Upon searching, Stefano found a picture of Edmund and Susan and on the back was a note from Susan to Edmund. Susan, Elvis, and Edmund live in England and Susan periodically checks in with Stefano, pretending to be Kristen so his suspicions aren't aroused. Stefano realized they were right and told God that of he saved Chad's life, he would be a better man.

Meanwhile, Celeste became jealous of Marlena because she knew that Stefano was in love with her. After the funeral, Laura saw Kristen adjusting her pregnancy pad when she thought nobody was looking. Stefano rented the apartment next to her and built a secret passage between the two through Marlena's armoir.

This caused Belle to suffer an anxiety attack because of her claustrophobia. Roman refused to stay in the hospital and accepted Kristen's offer. Stefano thought Tony has harmed Bart, but Tony said it was someone who looked like him.

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Hope confronted Stefano about her past and Stefano told her the same old story, he found her in New Orleans and cared for her for four years while she underwent painful surgeries. Kristen attempted to drug Violet and sneak off with Baby Elvis. With Marlena out of the picture, Stefano could work on John and transform him back into the mercenary that he once knew. Stefano escaped with Marlena into some underground tunnels below Aremid. But for the first time, he was powerless.

One night while out in a rain storm, Stefano was struck by lightning. Kate also anonymously mailed Chad his birth certificate that said Stefano was his father. Stefano tells Chad he thought his crimes and schemes were all a game but now he is paying for it in ways he never thought possible and he will continue to pay for all eternity.

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Kristen offered Susan a soda, and Susan accepted because she thought there was no way she could drug a canned soda. When she arrived, Celeste knocked her out with ether and locked her up with John. When he arrived he was taken prisoner by Stefano and his henchwoman Celeste.

Marlena and Rachel made plans for another trip and Marlena gave Kristen a list she was to obey. Rachel and Stefano ended up near a gas tank. That is why she had no problem when Maxwell was killed. Laura said no and was appalled by her best friend's accusation. He had a package containing a picture of Marlena shipped to Kate.

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Stephanos House

This obviously caused great animosity among the family. Andre encouraged Stefano not to give up, but Stefano sighed that he was so tired.

When asked by Stefano about Marlena, John told him that she was looking forward to a dance on his grave. As they were about to return to Salem, John showed up alive, but was poisoned by a native's dart. Stefano showed up at John's funeral and Marlena screamed at him to get out. Stefano and Andre plot to have Aiden kill Hope to pay them back but Aiden decides to do it as the necktie killer, so Chad can also be freed. Stefano went to the Blake House to make sure there was no evidence that could indicate Susan was the person who was killed, not Kristen.

Stephanos House

AH FODASSE - Amnesia Custom Story - House Of Creep 3 1 - video dailymotion

Stefano permitted them both to leave, and then woke Tony up. Stefano got so worked up that he had a heart attack, but Lexie saved him. In the Paris underground, Marlena began to write things in a daily journal.