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Renuka realizes her mistake knowing this and apologizes to Thirupathi for her harsh behavior towards him and Bharathi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thirupathi gets to know about Kannan's love towards Viji and goes to meet Vijiayakumar with a marriage proposal. One day, Renuka begins a quarrel at home saying that Thirupathi has a separate savings account in the bank and takes money from the account without the knowledge of other family members.

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But it is a good attempt by the team. Preminchadam goppa artu anta. Suddenly, Renuka and Madhavan's daughter faints and is rushed to hospital. The movie is all about a four-day industrial visit by a batch of engineering students from Kerala. It is a campus entertainer that fills the viewer's mind with nostalgia and brings back all the memories from their college tour.

Thirupathi feels bad hearing this. Viji is the only daughter of a rich arrogant man Vijayakumar.

Vineeth Sreenivasan turns producer and singer Sachin Warrier turns music director with Anandam which also introduces seven actors in the lead roles. Not to be confused with Aanandam a Telugu language romance film. Chik chik cham chik cham cham cham prathi nimisham anandam Chik chik cham chik cham cham cham manasantha anandam. The songs and background score blend in well with the movie's inherent feel, hd desktop icons but do not stand out on its own.

On the day of marriage, Kannan gets to know about the condition, cancels the wedding, and comes back to his home to meet his family members. Wilson handled cinematography, while S.

Devayani was initially supposed to feature as Murali's pair in the film, but after Soundarya opted out, she was given the senior actress role of Mammooty's pair. Kannan gets a job and leaves to Delhi as he does not want to marry Viji against her father's wishes.

The cinematography by Anend C Chandran is good and it brings a fresh feel to the movie. The soundtrack of the film was composed by S. Linguswamy and produced by R. Choudary to give Linguswamy an opportunity, he narrated the stories and he found the producer had found them highly appealing.

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Renuka feels that only Thirupathi is respected by everyone and not Madhavan because Tirupati manages the provisional store while Madhavan just assists him. Lightesinaa life cheekatantaaa.

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Anandham Tamil Mp3 Songs Download

Filmfare Award for Best Tamil Film. Lingusamy s Tamil-language films Films scored by S.

Thus when director Rajakumaran convinced R. News Malayalam Latest News. Later, they start a rice mill. Kottha kottha oosulevo nerpee bhaasha ee premaaa theeyanaina paatalevo paade raagameepremaaa.

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Madhavan Murali is the second son in the family who assists Thirupathi in managing their provisional store. Following him, Viji also comes, asking him to marry her against her father's wishes. Written and directed by Ganesh Raj, Aanandam is decent campus flick, which would have been better with a much more gripping first half.

Aanandham Happiness is a Tamil language family drama film written and directed by N. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Notify me of new posts via email. Vijayakumar agrees for the wedding, but on a condition that Kannan should stay along with Viji in his home as he does not want to send his daughter to another home after wedding. Altogether the movie has fun, sentiments, love and friendship in it, but lacks the x-factor needed to make it perfect.


Thirupathisamy Mammootty owns a provisional store and is the eldest among four brothers, and all live together in a home along with their parents Delhi Ganesh and Srividya. Kannan Abbas is the third son in the family, and he goes to college where he falls for his classmate Viji Sneha.

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Follow behindwoods Follow our Twitter Page. Rony David makes a mark by handling humor impressively. Finally, Kannan and Viji get married happily, and Viji lives along with everyone in a joint family in Thirupathi's home.

Anandam Mp3 Song download from 12B Download

When they step out of the home, they see Vijayakumar with a group of men to attack Thirupathi's family. He also convinces Viji to leave to her home immediately before anyone could know about this.