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Nature has a calming effect on our mind and brings joy to our souls. Two new great movie wallpapers have just been added too our Movies section. It's time to celebrate friendship day with awesome quotes, wallpapers, diy crafts and more.

Best Wallpapers NewYear Share. Webmasters you can now have your very own Image of the Day integrated into your website with our new and easy, copy and paste IotD code. So let us help save the planet by keeping our environment clean and eco friendly. Valentines day cards, ecards are shared amongst couple in love.

The worlds most famous footballer, David Beckham has joined our male celebrity wallpaper section. It's normally celebrated between mid August till mid September.

Fantasy & Fractal Screensavers 2

Finding Nemo wallpapers are now available in the Movies section. You can find them in the links section. Any questions about individual screensavers should be addressed to the authors directly. Best Wallpapers Nature Share. Also includes background music, nature sounds, and a clock showing the current time.

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Robert Louis Stevenson's poem on rain is a very interesting read. New year is the time to make new resolutions since we all like to start with a positive note. Black backgrounds are so flexible, since they seem to bring out the subject's features in the most pleasing way. Nature photographers can always tell you that with right level of exposure and light even a simple scenery can look dramatic under the camera lens. Best Wallpapers Photography Share.

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Fantasy & Fractal Screensavers 2

Also our site map is now up and running, so you can easily find what you want. Nature will always be part of our lives. Brand new site is coming soon with lots of new wallpapers, users can also upload there own wallpapers very easy, so check back soon. Now you can enjoy Santa Claus as the new Christmas category has been added. Friends are the best things the world can ever give us.

Our Aircraft section has now been split into two sub sections. Click on the name of the screensaver to connect to the download site or file.

You can appreciate the soul of Christmas by enlivening your screen with wonderful Christmas wallpapers and winter wallpapers. Comes in red, green, blue and orange. It will make our lives miserable.

We have also split this section into sub sections to allow you easier direct access to the wallpapers you want! Christmas is a beautiful season for holidays, decoration, family get together's and ofcourse the delicious christmas food. The new male celebrity backgrounds are now up, so why not take a peek.

Our Games section has been split up into sub sections. The upcoming release of the game Stalker - Oblivion Lost Shadow of Chernobyl has enticed us to add some great new wallpapers from the game, You can find them in our games section.

Two new Landscape images and one Science-Fiction wallpaper, he also has a abstract wallpapers for us, however we can't add it yet as we need some more abstract wallpapers. New visitors please read our Help file if you have any problems. Each of the sections have been upgraded with stacks of desktop wallpapers for your enjoyment. Ganesh Chathurthi is also known as Vinayagar Chathurthi celebrated by Hindus all over the world. Both of them are always ready for action.

Two fantastic hot female celebrities are available for download. Two celebrities have arrived, Christina Aguilera and Aria Giovanni with more images in our Science fiction, Movies and Aircraft categories too. It's the birth date of the favourite god Ganesha.

Also includes nature sounds. Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. So webmasters don't delay, get your IotD today.

Let us enjoy the working days by looking at some pleasant and colorful looking flower wallpapers on your desktop. Another enormous desktop wallpaper update, with new backgrounds to our Movies sections. The fabulous Anna Kournikova is now a part of Wallpaper Desktop.

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Animated Autumn Scenes Seven beautiful animated autumn scenes with falling leaves, water effects, and rain. Amazing Flowers High resolution close-up images of beautiful flowers in a slideshow screensaver with amazing movie type transitions effects. Have you ever wandered on the beach and was always mesmerized by the sheer peace and beautiful environment? The most popular nature photographs are sunrise, sunset, water-flow, action of birds, snowfall and more. Can you imagine a life without birds, plants, trees, rocks, artweaver mountains?

All kinds of food and drinks are forbidden from dawn to dusk, or daytime. Best Wallpapers Diwali Share.

You can now download space wallpapers from our Space category, See distant planets and stars and let them cover you desktop. Helicopters and Airplanes and new wallpapers have been added to both of these sections. The beautiful Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry.

They support Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, siemens etc. Download beach wallpaper for free.

25 Hindu God Ganesh Chaturthi Wallpapers - Vinayaka

It is a month of kindness which ends with one of the biggest festivals in muslim calendar, the Eid-Ul-Fitr. Well we have put together some amazing beach wallpapers which can be downloaded for free and you can be mesmerized by looking at them on your desktop. More free wallpapers have now been added to our Felines section. We are proud to present this stunning, colorful, vibrant, expressive art collection, and are confident you will enjoy this colour extravaganza. In this month, Muslims from all around the world fast in the daytime.

We have a entirely new Places category as well with wallpapers from all around the globe. There are different kinds of wallpapers available. Best Wallpapers Christmas Share. It's no wonder, nature sounds like water trickling, leaves blowing sounds are used for meditation sessions.

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