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Episode Another great Bleach movie. That was honestly the only overall decent movie of the bunch, so I wouldn't have a problem with it being canonical.

Stating that the Blanks seek out their own memories for a time, Mayuri beckons with his hand, which creates a holographic projection of the Valley of Screams, and says the problem begins here. While the roaring Hollow continues to leap, Ichigo chases it and cuts its tail off in midair, causing it to fall and crash through several trees. Promotional poster for the film.

As Ichigo sees Senna in her Gigai clothes and expresses confusion, Senna points out that Ichigo would also disappear if the world ended and declares that she does not want this to happen. After defeating a Hollow in a local park, unidentified ghost-like spirits begin to appear, before a mysterious Soul Reaper named Senna appears and destroys the spirits. When Sado asks him if there is another way, Urahara states there should be an entrance in the Human World close to where the Shinenju first appeared. Suddenly, Senna appears at the corner behind him and calls him over. As the Shinigami continues to destroy the figures, her tornado creates gusts of wind, which affect the Humans nearby.

Running over to her, Ichigo tells her to not just run off before seeing a crying Plus. The next day, due to the Soul Society's influence, everyone in Karakura Town has forgotten Rukia and everyone thinks the damage to the town from the battle with Grand Fisher was caused by a tornado. He is able to see ghosts, as well as hollows. After confirming Ichigo is still with him, Urahara reveals the figures Ichigo saw are known as Blanks, Souls which have been separated from their memories.

Stepping forward, Ichigo recalls Senna telling him her house used to be around here and sees something, which prompts him to tell Rukia to move to the river. Suddenly, the Shinigami, now in a Gigai, appears behind them and happily exclaims that she won before noticing Ichigo and Rukia. Looking around, Kenpachi is surprised when his face is suddenly cut, and after deflecting subsequent attacks, Kenpachi catches one of the projectiles.

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As Ichigo asks why he has to carry him, Kon complains about being stuck with Ichigo, who throws him on the ground and stomps on him while telling him to shut up. Ichigo and Kon soon snap back to normal and set out to try to figure out why Rukia was spirited away.

That makes no sense, giving the fact that Ichigo said that he when there once, and the only time he went was during that movie. Walking along, Ichigo sees a red hair ribbon floating in the wind. Elsewhere, as Rukia stands on a platform, Jai jumps towards her and says she is not getting away. Rin Tsubokura reveals he has found them and says they will pass through the Dangai in ten seconds to enter the new dimensional space.

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When the Hollow jumps back, Ichigo leaps into the air and cuts it in half. Ichigo asks Senna why she wandered off, prompting her to tell him she can do what she wants. Returning to his body, Ichigo bolts up, shocking the people around him, and says he is fine. When Jai throws his chakram at him, Ichigo deflects them, only for Bau to suddenly appear behind him and smash him into the ground.

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Realizing it is his father, Tomoya runs toward him and tearfully hugs him. Ichigo assures him that he is fine and states that the attackers ran away as soon as he showed up. Noting Senna has not noticed, Tomoya's father reveals the souls gathered here led him to this place. As he continues to release Reiatsu, Ichigo frees himself from the Blanks on the tree in an explosion.

Memories of Nobody Promotional poster for the film. As he glows with yellow Reiatsu, Kenpachi smashes into the ground, destroying the surrounding area, prompting Ichigo to call out to him. Exiting the shop, Ichigo offers the packaged ribbon to Senna, who expresses her shock at Ichigo having gone back paid for it before claiming he is more virtuous than he looks.

Rukia goes to get reinforcements from the Soul Society, but their head-captain wants to destroy the Valley before it collapses and refuses to order a rescue mission with only an hour left. Trying to find her, Ichigo notes the place was crowded a moment ago before sensing something. Bleach by Tite Kubo story and art. When Senna tries to move away, Ichigo stops her and asks her why she ran away after he treated her to dinner, only for her to state she did not run away. Ichigo tosses her the package and tells her to shut up because he hates stuff like this.

Ichigo and Kon gag after Rukia forces them together. Senna asks her what she is trying to say and asserts that she is a Shinigami, prompting Renji to ask her when she came to the Human World. The two men pull off the jacket and pants of the announcer as the culmination of their skit.

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When Senna does not respond, Ichigo looks into his room and sees her fast asleep on his bed. As they walk all over town and up a hill in search of Tomoya's father, Ichigo carries Tomoya on his shoulders and asks how long they will do this. The Shinigami cuts through the figures at high speed. Seeing Senna among the cleared branches, Ichigo tells her she is awfully quiet.

Memories of Nobody is the first animated film adaptation of the anime and manga series Bleach. Memories of Nobody is the first feature film based on the Bleach manga. This summer, childrens movies online without ing the Bleach film will finally open.

When Ichigo accidentally bumps into one, it and several others look at him before moving away, prompting him to wonder what they are. As he picks it up, Rukia begins to apologize before Ichigo assures her that it is not her fault, as she did what she felt was right. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kon begs her to not leave again, but Rukia throws him at Ichigo.

Senna reveals she has memories from when she was alive and wants to follow up on them. As a shocked Ichigo notices Kon's pill on the ground, Senna states she has to get going, but Ichigo grabs her by the arm and pulls her along while Rukia calls him a fool. Standing with Senna, Kon frantically tells the Blanks surrounding them to go away before Rukia appears and slashes one of them. Thank you for all your support!