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Telugu Tamil and Malayalam Devotional. We recommend that you add MeraGana. The only negative character is seen playing his cruel act towards the end of the film.

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Bugadi majhi sandali ga, Jaata saataryala ga jata saataryala Chugali naga sangu ga, Maazya mhataryala ga maazya mhataryala! Barring two songs, the other seven songs in this film, japanese font for windows 8 have failed to appeal. He has picturised one outdoor song very well. She looks beautiful in every scene. Marathi birthday greetings.

Disclaimer Any information shared on our blog is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute advice. MeraGana Karaoke is available on Google play store. We added new tracks to our online Karaoke please visit Newsletter Archive. MeraGana uses cookies for use of the site. In comparison Ramesh Bhatkar is just namesake father in the film, with not much scope for an actor of his caliber.

Even, not much attention has been paid on her accent, which should have been in typical Kolhapuri style. In the meanwhile, Raosaheb also returns after six years. Get it from Google Play Store.

An email has been sent to you containing your Email Verification Code, please check your email and enter the Email Verification Code to proceed. She too gives her heart to Indrajeet.

Newer Post Older Post Home. If so, select the confirmation message and mark it Not Spam, which should allow future messages to get through. Mohan Joshi plays the negative character in his own style, in the concluding part of the film. Home Lyrics Recipes Kawita. Everything goes on, as predicted, except for the tragic end.

Ila Bhate finds her share to prove her acting skills, in two important scenes in the post interval session. Every filmmaker feels that whatever he offers is something remarkable. In order to make it more musical, they engaged three different music directors. And, there is nothing wrong in expecting success in return.

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By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. But, that too had left a hint, in the initial scene of the film.

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The story of this film revolves around Shubhangi Manasi Moghe who is an orphan, and brought up by a Tamasha dancer Chandraprabha Sanglikar Deepa Chafekar. As far as the performances are concerned, Manasi Moghe makes a sincere attempt on her debut. And, that turned out to be the biggest drawback of the film.

Sangate Aika (1959)

If you do not receive the email message within a few minutes, please check your Spam folder just in case the email got delivered there instead of your inbox. Your name will be acknowledged on the website. That does not happen in this film. Yenya aadhi baba paratun Pochanar mi gharat jaavun Mag pusatil kaana paahun Kay tevha sangu mi ga baai, Tyala bicharyala, tyala bicharyala!

In every intense love story, there is strong opposition from other characters. The Website is intended to provide general information only and does not attempt to give you advice that relates to your specific circumstances. Actually, the film fails to capture the attention of the audience in pre interval stage.

Kashyap Parulekar has done well, in the role of Indrajeet. The trouble begins, when Appasaheb comes to know about their relationship. Devotional Vedic Pathshala.

Good cinematography by Raja Fadtare is the plus point of this film. Other character artistes offer the required support. There are many such incidences in the film, which fail to convince. But today, Marathi films are showing a change, with new subjects dealt in films. Virat Kohli using MeraGana.

Sandli Sandl New Whatsapp Status Latest