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Download WordPress Themes. The audio of the movie is out and let us see what this album has in store.

Iru udalil orr uyir irukka Adhu muyandru parthidumae Yaar yaarai engae nesikka nernthaalum Angae poonthottam undaagum Poochendraai bhoomi thindaadum. Overall, Engeyum Kadhal is a breezy, romantic album with a few different sounds and percussions.

Thamarai Engeyum Kadhal Song Lyrics. Engeyum Kadhal Promotional poster. The album starts well with Aalaap Raju's lovely rendition of Engeyum Kadhal. Bathing at Cannes reminds of many English pop songs.

Kamal doesn't know Kayal's name, but he says about all her fake boyfriends. Love is Everywhere is a Tamil romantic drama film written and directed by Prabhu Deva that stars Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani in the lead roles. Close your eyes and imagine a frosty afternoon in Paris and you would not want to open your eyes till the song ends. The album will definitely appeal to the masses and once the videos go on air, it is certain to make more people inquisitive!

Kamal leaves Paris for some board meetings and Kayal is heart broken. The song falls flat in the middle where there is a brief desi read kuthu influence. With synthesised voices, the lyrics seem to drown under the music a bit. Kayal tries to make Kamal love her by pretending to have many boyfriends. One day, Rajasekhar gets a new client Sonu Gates who wants to know about his girlfriend's mystery man.

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When she was about to enter she hears a gunshot and faints in the balcony. By this time sonu's girlfriend has escaped from there.

Thamarai's lyrics add charm to this brilliant number. Karthik's voice and the path the song travels later follows a routine but is listen-worthy, Harris takes his time in getting you involved in this song. Then he thinks that Rajasekar has made a mistake and apologizes to Kamal.

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This one may spring a surprise! Vaali This one is for the broken hearted.

Kaadhal enum thenae Kadal alaigalil kaanum neelam neeyae Vaanae vanna meenae Mazhai veyil ena naangu kaalam neeyae Download WordPress Themes. The film is set in France and Italy. Jayam Ravi Hansika Motwani.

Then he searches for his girlfriend he can't find her, instead he find Kayal in the balcony. After a brief investigation, Rajasekhar finds that his client's girl friend is dating Kamal. So he returns to Paris and finds her.

You may also be interested in. Here, Harish has the brilliant Chinmayi for company too! Initially the detective he chooses is Rajasekar Kayal's dad. Plot The film is set in France and Italy.

Madan Karky's lyrics add a different dimension to the existing romance. Though it subdues in certain points, Karthik picks up the pace and does keep us engaged. Rohit Ramachandran of nowrunning. We feel that Harris wanted to play it safe, devoid of any experiments, javascript form validation though Bathing in Cannes could appeal as a new genre in Tamil music.

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Other Engeyum Kadhal Songs. Other Songs from Engeyum Kadhal Album. Mugil Ravi Chakravarthy Jayakannan Premsai. Prabhu Deva initially named this film as Paris. Just when Kamal is about to win the fight Sonu enters the room and threatens Kamal with a gun.

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When he returns he doesn't remember her immediately even though she has been waiting for him. He tells Kamal about it and asks him to leave his daughter as he always does when someone falls in love with him. Home Movies Music Directors List. Muthukumar Fantastic guitar strums invite you to Dhimu Dhimu. There is nothing special about this romantic number other than Thamarai's catchy lyrics.

Sonu gets angry and decides to kill Kamal. Naresh and Mahathi give life to the song and though it does not appeal instantaneously, it will catch you like fire.

Kayal overhears the conversation and deciding to save them, rushes to their hotel. With lots of energy, this song will be liked by a section of people. Kamal agrees and tells Kayal that he will be leaving for Germany and that he doesn't know when he will return. If you think this will be moody and blue, Harris surprises us with something different. Harris strives to be different but the interluding music and the chorus does not substitute well.