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We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your favorite songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, by music directors and lyricists. It is certainly a world that borders on the utopian, but the Barjatyas have always believed in Ram and thus Ram Rajya. It dawns to him that like a caged bird he is about to be confined in the restricted space of a household and that he would never be able to fly again. It is the kind of cinema that is not seen today- thoughtful and yet simple. In her heart, he is her only sole soul mate- and she decides to wait for him till eternity.

Many of the dialogues and exchanges, if seen in isolation, would appear corny to a lot of people fed on the diet of world cinema. The movie starts with Shyam watching a village nautanki where he becomes the savior after a loophole on the stage results in a momentary halt in the nautanki. However if we have to go back and look into our own holy texts- Mahabharata and its subset the Bhagvad Gita- we do get some insights. Saanvare ki bansi ko Bajane se kaam Saanvare ki bansi ko Bajane se kaam Radha kaa bhi shyaam Wo to mira kaa bhi shyaam Radha kaa bhi shyaam Wo to mira kaa bhi shyaam. She does not talk with anybody, and does not touch food or water.

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Geet Gaata Chal Lyrics & Song Geet Gaata Chal

Krishna was a wanderer, a man who despite having a family never really chose to settle down at one place. But when seen in its entirety the movie is a supremely well crafted effort that has a story to tell and ideas to discuss- which is does with sheer simplicity and joy. The troubles and controversies are all a state of mind and get cleared up as easily as a few minutes rain clears away the dust in the air.

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Even the nautanki girl, Champa, is moved to admiration beyond any measure. This new change in the relationship between Radha and Shyam gradually draws the attention of the parents, and they plan to give their daughter in marriage to Shyam. Shyaam teri basi Pukaare radha naam Shyaam teri basi Pukaare radha naam Log kare mira ko Yun hi badanaam Log kare mira ko Yun hi badanaam.

He tells her about his predicament- to remain a free bird or become entangled in the worldly affairs. Both of these stories have shaped my personality, ideology, and outlook deeply and immensely. What is the purpose of life? What is a happy state of mind?

Without saying a word to anyone, Shyam departs- once again adopting his nomadic ways. The performances of Sachin and Sarika are nice and Sachin looks every bit the character he plays.

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His didi tells him that what he had done with Radha was wrong. Soon Shyam gets more and more intermingled in the family affairs his hosts, and Radha gets more and more taken in by him. On the way he meets and befriends various people, but never gets emotionally attached to anyone. It is the first instance in the film when he forms a bond with someone without him himself realizing the strength of it.

In these texts, none other than Lord Krishna, God on earth, gives a discourse explaining the meaning of life to Arjuna. Kaun jaane bansuriya Kisako bulaae Jisake mann bhaae Wo usi ke gun gaae Kaun jaane bansuriya Kisako bulaae Jisake mann bhaae Wo usi ke gun gaae. The news of Shyam's mysterious disappearance comes as a bombshell to the zamindar's family. But Shyam without telling anybody leaves them behind for another unknown destination! Radha is distraught, and so is her family.

However, it had had a very profound and long lasting impact on me. This analogy is not too discrete and that comes out through the names given to the characters. These are some of the very deep philosophical questions that are extremely hard to answer. He silently leaves the house. The next stop for Shyam is a village fair where he saves an elderly lady from a bull stampede.

While the entire household prepares for the marriage, Shyam suddenly realizes that he is being trapped in worldly affairs. Every now and then, he takes up examples from his own life to enlighten the lives of the Padavas. Shyam is reluctant in the beginning but agrees when the he is told that the village is situated in the lap of nature and offers wonderful opportunities for sightseeing. He tells her all about Radha and his last few days at her home.

Like all Rajshri movies, aptana studio 3 for windows 7 Geet Gaata Chal takes a very positive view of the world. Geet Gaata Chal is a must watch for anyone who loves family entertainers and is fond of rural settings.

But to Shyam the call of the unknown has by this time become so intense that he considers marriage and home-life like a permanent bondage! In a big mela by the riverside, Shyam is seem moving aimlessly through the crowd. Saanvare ki bansi Ko bajane se kaam Saanvare ki bansi Ko bajane se kaam Radha kaa bhi shyaam Wo to mira kaa bhi shyaam Radha kaa bhi shyaam Wo to mira kaa bhi shyaam. My Watchlist My Rating Logout.

Newer Post Older Post Home. In a dramatic incident when Shyam is playing the flute for Meera, Radha snatches it from his hand and breaks it into two. Kaun nahi Kaun nahi basi ki Dhun kaa gulaam Radha kaa bhi shyaam Wo to mira kaa bhi shyaam Radha kaa bhi shyaam Wo to mira kaa bhi shyaam.

The closest companion he has is his flute and the songs on his lips that he keeps singing to the world while he travels. Never miss latest songs lyrics update.

Now that I have seen a bit of his works, I can safely say that his sense of lyrics and music was simply unmatched. In the course of his journey through different lands, he comes across a nautanki troupe who were staging a performance in a village.