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If folks love it then we can throw up the original theme in a ringtone format. If nothing else the remake of the theme song is dead on and it still gives me a rush to hear it.

The era of the long television theme song is almost entirely over. Can't Help Falling In Love. Complete list with plot descriptions Complete list without plot descriptions Complete list in production order no links Complete list in alphabetical order no links.

While the pilot and first few episodes didn't take advantage of the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii quite enough, hypercam registered they sure have made up for that over the season. When they do have native Hawaiians in an episode Park and Kim look totally out of place playing natives.

Unshaven Alex O'Loughlin shows off tattoos. The filming of a fight sequence, taking on the bad guys was terrible.

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Somehow, I don't see the connection. My ten year old daughter could write better stories than this.

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Quigley has to be a fanatic on this. Self centred and thinks everything revolves around him please ask the script writers to make him more of a man and less of a whining woman. Beating a prisoner to get information out of him? They deliver without turning this into Baywatch. Their acting ability and range would allow for big screen versions of the show.

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Hawaii is no crime drama, and it's not meant to be. The Arrangement Details Tab gives you detailed information about this particular arrangement of Hawaii Five-O Theme - not necessarily the song. The instrumental theme to Hawaii Five-O is another theme song that was so incredibly popular that it charted all across the country. Governor calls an unofficial Five-O in yeah right, how many governors have this kind of time. Are there even any current shows which have a theme song let alone background music?

The overall storyline for the pilot was excellent, though. Where is the grown up directing traffic for this group?

Did they think the nostalgia factor would attract new viewers? The final scene was such sentimental slop that it was embarrassing to watch. The producers think we're stupid or what?

Initially the series showed real promise. The only thing missing is the persistent over-acting from Jack Lord, but that's a good thing. Plane comes in and no backup emergency power for the tower and you don't think the military would have jets scrambling in minutes planes are tracked across the Pacific. No reproduction of any kind without permission. Jack Lord forgets his lines.

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This show feels like the antidote to all those forensic, gritty, supposedly realistic crime dramas out there today. It's like stumbling out of bed in the morning not exactly sure what you're going to do that day.

Excellent action sequences, great gun fights, some entertaining relationships developing between the characters, and you know what? Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card.

The building of the characters. Russian Federation Change Country. If you never watched the original series, give this one a chance. Jimmy Borges and Elissa Dulce. Watch yourself a reality show like Cops if you're going to harp on it.

But the rest of the main characters miss the mark entirely. Guy who's been convicted of taking bribes has a cousin who is now in the police force? How sad is that for both the character and the actor?

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