Lander Repair Manual

Install the piston ring onto piston carefully. Check the liquid level in the front fender right side. Choke cable Vacuum pipe Fuel pipe Disconnect the fuel hose.

Inspection the rectifier coupler to the wire harness passes the condition. When maintenance brake system, will be supposed to paint the surface or the rubber parts catches up by the rags.

Voltmeter Accelerate the engine to the specified revolution per minute and measure the charging voltage. Caution The mechanical seal and inside seal must be replaced as a unit. Check if spring is damage or insufficient elasticity. Cotter pin Inspection Inspect the tie-rod for damage or bending. All marks on the piston rings must be forwarded to up side.

System Test Stop the engine. The model of the spark plug and the tightening torque. Yamaha Xj Xjs Xjn Download. Main jet Caution Take care not to damage jets and adjust screw.

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Lander repair manual

Rear winker bulb Taillight Replace with new taillight bulb. Check oil level with oil dipstick. Inspection on Charging Voltage Turn on the headlight to high beam and start the engine. Hold flywheel and rotate starting clutch gear.

Disconnect the main switch coupler. Screw and tighten up the radiator filler cap. Assembly Bearing driver Install brake disk. Caution Do not damage the matching surface of cylinder head. And the two posts of battery have to be greased after connected the cables.

Do not let boot open facing up. Clamp Voltage Check Use the digital voltmeter to check the voltage of the battery. Otherwise, rock fonts the cylinder head may be deformed as heating it.

Lander repair manual

Check the gear for wear or damage. Loosen the two bolts of front fender rear side. Yamaha Exciter ll Download. Care to be taken when installing piston into cylinder. Yamaha Xtz Tenere Download.

Note the number of turns it takes to screw it all the way in for ease of installation. Mark the centers of the tires to indicate the axle center height. Check if the shift drum is wear or damage. Replace with new front winker light bulb.

Lander repair manualLander repair manual

Caution Do not spill brake fluid on painted surfaces. Connect tachometer and ignition light. Assembly Install new left side bearing and seal into rear wheel axle bearing seat.

Caution Do not press the compressor too much. Valve stem seals Clean carbon deposits in combustion chamber. Place the thermostat into heated water to check its operation. Removal Drain out the coolant. Improper headlight beam adjustment will make in coming driver dazzled or insufficient lighting.

Please see standard values for not listed in the table. When disassembling fuel system parts, pay attention to O-ring position, replace with new one as re-assembly There is a drain screw in the float chamber for draining residual gasoline. Before removing adjustment screw, turn it all the way down and note the number of turns.

Engine shall be removal in the conditions of necessary repair or adjustment to the only. Grind valve seat with a rubber hose or other manual grinding tool. Dowel pins Install the left crankcase onto the right crankcase. Hook Take out the bulb connector and the bulb.


Lander repair manual

Disconnect the negative cable terminal first, then the positive cable terminal. Caution Do not damage contact surface of the gasket. Caution The movable drive face surface has to be free of grease.

If oil level is nearly low level, fill out recommended oil to upper level. Never run your engine in a closed area. Pay attention to not let these residues and foreign materials fall into crankcase.

Install the driven pulley that has installed the belt onto drive shaft. And then conduct connection operation later.

Caution In order to avoid the water tank rusting, please do not use the unclear trade mark refrigerant. Apply a layer of grease on the lip of oil seal, Puts on the left crank shaft. Idle speed check and adjustment have to be done after engine is being warm up.

Connect an ammeter between the negative cable terminal and the battery negative terminal. Clamp Disconnect the carburetor upper parts and cable. Yamaha Vta Vxxta Snowmobile Download. Lock clip Driven sprocket inspection Check the condition of the driven sprocket teeth. Hose clamp Install brake push rod to the brake pedal, and Lock nut Adjustment nut install pin and E type clip.

Lander repair manual