Last Flight To Abuja

Just a quick reminder that if you haven't seen this movie and you're ever in the mood for a genuinely pure romance. Emelonye says Nollywood films are growing in popularity because they offer audiences a narrative they can connect to. FareCompare About Blog Contact. They said nothing else but comedy can sell in Nigeria. The first iPad wasn't released until which was four years after the movie was supposedly set.

Last flight to Abuja Nollywood thriller campaigns for safer skies

Facebook Twitter Instagram. Jim Iyke was just there and that girl with the fake contact lens irritated me with her acting. The story was executed well enough and gave more than I would have originally expected.

Last flight to Abuja Nollywood thriller campaigns for safer skies

Last Flight to Abuja was on a smooth run until someone decided to use what looked like a shuttle as a full plane. The chart below shows the best last minute deals and cheap flights this weekend we could find. After what seemed like an endless wait, viewers in the diaspora have finally been treated to the Obi Emelonye thriller, samsung galaxy s3 apps mobile9 Last Flight To Abuja.

Hey dear, yes o, only two people died grand total. Producer Obi Emelonye, Charles Thompson. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Hakeem and Anthony were especially convincing in their roles.

We need to let upcoming directors with big dreams attempt what they will, permit them to make mistakes so they can eventually improve on them in their later films. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. We saw them holding hands with the pilot and Strutting down the airport at the beginning of the movie. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media.

When excuses can be made and other possibilities are available, I try to ignore it. This movie was also acted by humans not Gods. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! You are indeed doing a good job putting the industry on the World map. How to Sell Drugs Online Fast.

The progression of the story and the directing itself was good, even though it seemed like at the end we all got tired and stopped rolling. Connect Facebook Twitter Instagram. And then the second had to leave, leaving only one.

Last Flight To Abuja

Thank you Nollywood Reinvented for your honest and objective review. The pilot guy and Hakeem were the stand out acts in this film. Abuja to Washington, District of Columbia. Both completely deserving of death, if you ask me, therefore nobody really died in the movie.

Call me a sadist if you will but I expected more people to die in the crash. Passionate and self-taught, he left behind a career in law to follow his dream of becoming a filmmaker. Obit focused too much on the availability of technology to him instead of telling a story. Izu does not blow one trumpet.

Last Flight To Abuja

We will take the accolades with humility and the criticisms with an open mind. Nollywoodreinvented, you are doing a great job here. Veteran director reveals secrets of Nollywood's success. Like I said, go in with no expectations, makes it easier to leave happy. Audible Download Audio Books.

Like they had all just come off a flight, and only two got on the next flight. How come we saw only one Hostess throughout the flight? Abuja to Norfolk, Virginia. Abuja to Richmond, Virginia.

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Abuja to Portland, Oregon. Omotola was in no way the soul of the movie. Maybe I approached it from a Hollywood perspective but no major life was lost. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. An era in which we make films like Hakkunde.

Last Flight To Abuja CTWD- CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution

The truth is, not everyone can be Izu. Music should not be the reason you feel an emotion. The movie was met with high expectations for most especially with its post Junerd-Crash Release and its celebrity cast. Abuja to Buffalo, New York. Emelonye on being able to develop each character well enough so much so that the audience can at least relate to them before the crash.

Get Notified When Prices Drop. Definitely better than average but there was much that could have been done to make it a better movie.