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Sydney's former mentor, Professor Chandler, passes away before finishing recovering the Ruby Chalice of Truth, his life's work, a long-fabled relic imbued with truth-inducing powers. Sydney and Nigel discover relics of Egyptian Pharaoh Amun the Second, whose treasure-laden burial chamber was thought to have never been found, eset antivirus cnet while serving as technical advisors on a movie. Each episode ends with a scene at Trinity College explaining what has happened to the relic.

Sydney knows she's putting her life on the line, when she agrees to a sting operation orchestrated by Interpol agent Cate Hemphill. Unorthodox archaeologist Sydney Fox and her new British assistant Nigel Bailey are commissioned by villagers from Nepal to find Buddha's bowl for their shrine to Siddhartha, the original Buddha. Sydney and Nigel head to Paris, France to find a stolen locket, so they can clear Sydney's dead grandmother of the charges. Audible Download Audio Books. Sydney and Nigel head to Nepal to recover Buddha's fabled overflowing alms bowl for villagers who are building a shrine to the original Buddha.

Sydney must compete with rival archaeologist Frank Kafka for the Light of Truth Lamp, a lamp that reveals the true nature of anyone who holds it. Nigel and Sydney investigate the case of a man cudgelled to death with the Cross of Arthur. Sydney and Nigel travel to the Middle East to meet an old friend of Sydney's, who is now a queen, only to discover that she has died in a mysterious accident. Sydney crash lands at a convent in Nova Scotia, while returning from an expedition. But as they close in on her, Sydney must use her cunning to evade them while Nigel and Karen alert the government to quash the insurgence.

But before the sting begins, she's snatched by an unseen assailant, and it's up to Cate, Nigel and Claudia to pinpoint a suspect. Sydney believes Danielle was searching for the Star of Nadir, that would prevent a civil war.

Sydney's old friend from the Louvre Museum begs to join the hunt for a ruby-encrusted scepter once wielded by Gunther the Brave. The Chinese invent an explosive gift egg. Sydney and Nigel travel to Istanbul to investigate the death of one Sydney's friends, a professor who was trying to prove Hercules did exist by finding the Belt of Hippolyte.

However, she had called for Sydney to help. Sydney and Nigel recover a ruby-eyed statue from an Aztec pyramid in Central America, only to be tied up and robbed by their tour guide, Carlos.

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They begin to listen when her claims reveal a secret compartment in the Egyptian queen's golden jewelry box. When they start the quest, they discover that the people who have taken the statue is starting to be murdered. Sydney and Nigel head to Dublin, Ireland in search of the the missing crown of the last King of Ireland. Sydney receives a mysterious package after her old friend, Garrett Burke, is killed in Bucharest, sent before his death. Called to an Antarctic research base, Sydney and Nigel find the corpses of the research team scattered everywhere.

Can Sydney save him before they succeed? Stavros dangles an ancient trinket in front of both Claudia and Sydney in Athens.

Sydney's student Meg's roommate finds the amulet. But Sydney learns her rival Stewie Harper has been hired by banker Michael Chan to find the bowl so he can save his family's bank from financial ruin. Remains of Sister Evangeline. Retrieving the lancet, Sydney and Nigel run into Nigel's look-alike just before his death. Sydney is grabbed by mysterious men who lock a necklace on her.

Relic Hunter

Sydney is lecturing about said natives who faced a mysterious cataclysm years earlier. Sydeney runs into her ex, just Gray, and goes on a holiday with him to Bali, but when Derek Lloyd shows up to enlist her to find Parvati's Bowl, she can't resist. Instead of a body, they find a relic.

It is then up to Sydney and Nigel to seize the relic and ensure it ends up in the proper hands such as the rightful owners or a suitable museum. The amulet is then stolen.

Nigel gets a cut from the lancet. Mystery Fantasy Action Adventure. Sydney and Nigel are off to Paris to authenticate both the find and the legend behind, after monks deliver a Knights Templar medallion to Dr. In order to restore Meg to full health, Sydney must re-locate the amulet and interrupt an illicit Wiccan spiritual ceremony. Sydney sees his teacher shot by a scar-faced man over an Egyptian pendant.

To rescue a relic-hunting team hired by billionaire entrepreneur Rod Thorson to locate an ancient sacrificial bowl, Sydney, Nigel and Thorson parachute into the Myanmar jungle. Along with Nigel, she successfully sneaks into the palace containing the Box whilst disguised as harem dancers, but are soon confronted by men planning to misuse the box for their own gain. Sean Bolger discovered an ancient scroll that could lead to the lost crown of the last King of Ireland.

Rival relic hunter Rita Rosellini is also after the sword. Sydney, Nigel and rival relic hunter Kurt Reiner, attempt to find the lost baseball glove of Jimmy Jonesboro. Relic Hunter featured four starring roles throughout its run.

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Sydney and Nigel investigate a Chinese antiquity that washed ashore in Alaska, more than miles from its origin being lost over years. Sydney and Nigel are in Cairo, Egypt and then Amsterdam. Treasure of legendary Viking Jann the Bold. Despite terrible weather, Sidney drags Nigel along to an Arctic base where an ancient Indian mummy has been found. It turns out to be an Anasazi, from warmer hunting ground, but also connected with the numerous deaths on the small base - will they ever get back alive?

While Sydney pursues the culprit, Nigel is left behind in the middle of nowhere and is soon charmed by a beautiful woman into helping her prove her right to lead her people. Scepter of the Kingdom of Hungary. An anonymous Sultan's wife Danielle dies in mysterious circumstances in the desert. Records proving a secret marriage on the eve of the French Revolution. And he isn't the only one after it.

Sydney, Nigel and Derek Lloyd go to the Peruvian jungle to look for the Paracelsus scrolls, that contain the formula for turning lead into gold. Jaebert, curator at the French Institute of Antiquities. After recovering a vessel believed to contain the Great Warrior Spirit of the Mochicas and hopping a flight to Lima, Sydney and Nigel assume their adventure is complete. She is aided by her linguistic assistant Nigel and occasionally by her somewhat air-headed secretary Claudia.

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Relic Hunter

Later, Cate persuades Nigel to impersonate the man. Meg's boyfriend's fraternity brother races to get the amulet. While filming in Southeast Asia, the dissident locals start a rebellion forcing Sydney to take refuge in a nearby temple. Carson Inez, a collector, uses the necklace to get Sydney to help her in raising Athena who will then help her conquer the world. Witches consecrate an amulet before they are burned.

Magician Rex Rolands seeks out Sydney's expertise to locate a jewel-encrusted staff that belonged to the Hungarian royal family. The necklace in question has mind controlling powers and influences Sydney to take a leave of absence and travel to Greece. Pandora's box, which was guarded by the clan of the Persian sultanate of An-Najaf. Sydney and Nigel are in Brussels, Belgium in search of the sacred sundial of Zeus to stop the Vampires.

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It ran for three seasons in the U. George campus at the University of Toronto in Canada. Sydney, Nigel and Claudia visit Athens, Greece to search the minotaur's maze for the legendary golden twine. Sydney and Nigel go to France to look for the lost wedding vows of Josephine Pontoise and Guy de Bourdin, which would prove their heir is the rightful owner of St. An idol of Ganesha is prayed to.