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Chidambaram and Ammaiyappan are finally reconciled. But when Ammaiyappan visits Peter's father Albert Fernandes, he is surprised. Ammaiyappan, flowol 2 nonetheless plows on through life hoping for solutions to his difficulties.

The rest of the story is how Venu proves his innocence, finds his brother and family, and reunites with them. Sarojini and Peter are married, and Siva and Vasantha are married. Manjula reaches Koyambattur. Uma makes her final move when Chidambaram is about to step across the line.

She accepts this as a temporary necessity, but remains unhappy nonetheless. She ends up in a big fight with Siva, and she ultimately walks out. After an initial period of honeymoon bliss, the troubles start again. Kamala informs this to Venu then he forcibly takes money from mother and clears the debts. Siva, who had followed her, reinforces her father's message.

She promises to visit every weekend and spend time with the family. Bharathi finally passes his exams. On the other hand, Raghu is struggling hard to maintain the house. Gopi forces him to work in the mill.

Looking past Sarojini's immaturity and recognizing Ammaiyappan to be a good and honest man, he offers his daughter Vasantha as a prospective partner for Siva. Albert Fernandes turns out to be compassionate, tolerant and accepting of Sarojini's belligerence. Vasantha returns to an unwelcome reception at her own home. Venkamma and Kamakshi blame Manjula.

Samsaram Adhu Minsaram lit. Samsaram Adhu Minsaram Poster.

Gurunath Aruna Guhan Aparna Guhan. Ammaiyappan disowns Chidambaram and kicks him out. Ammaiyappan orders a line to be drawn midway through the house. Ranganatha Rao under the Sadhana Productions banner and directed by L.

Uma's second task is to reconcile Siva and Vasantha. Ammaiyappan declares that Chidambaram must leave when his loans have been repaid. Venu and Kamala start loving each other. She invites Venu to come to her house. The music was composed by Sankar Ganesh.

Raghu also reaches to Koyambattur. She returns to Peter and his father.

Sundara Rao asks Venu to marry Kamala, but he says that he will marry only after getting back his brother and sister-in-law. She reminds everyone that what started as small arguments ended up as a huge conflict that nearly broke up the family. Fernandes brings divorce papers.

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Samsaram Theatrical release poster. Filmfare Award for Best Tamil Film.

Samsaram Adhu Minsaram Tamil mp3 songs download

Not outdone, Ammaiyappan quickly accepts with the claim that his son is similarly respectful of his wishes. Kannamma and Godavari compel her, in the heat of the fight with Mr.

After a big fight, she walks out. Ammaiyappan agrees to the alliance. Sarojini finally realizes the gravity of the situation. His sons contribute some amounts in proportion to their incomes. Theatrical release poster.

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Music composed by Susarla Dakshinamurthi. Raghu becomes sick and Gopi brings him home when Manjula recognizes Raghu. The groom's father turns out to be an understanding and forward thinking man. She starts by visiting Albert Fernandes. She also reminds him of his filial responsibilities.

He reminds Chidambaram that he had spent the largest fractions of his income, without regard to return or reward, on Chidambaram's upbringing and education. Vasantha continues tutoring Bharathi.

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Chidambaram remains opposed to Sarojini's choice, but nonetheless obtains a loan to finance her wedding. Venu gets a job with help of her father. Chidambaram refuses to leave until his loans are paid off. She calls Siva at work and gently rebukes him for not attending to his wife's needs.

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