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Exactly what's wrong can vary. Answer Questions When would you say is the best time to post on Instagram on week days? Maybe you can help me with this problem. Date and time changed, laptop now working!

It appears to be a hot topic. No other emails are affected.

All l needed to do was to change my date and time. Whenever I try to go on a site that requires secure log-in, eg. Please read that article for the details and explanation though. Open the change date and time settings on your computer at the lower right side.

Does this happen on all of the https sites that you visit? There may be a way to get around it, but you probably need to contact them. It is good to know that you are security concious!

After fixing the date it worked. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Keep up the very good work! If those sites are affected or use https, then the malware could be trying to steer you wrong.

It was a date issue for me too. Start with search, at the top of the page. Join our weekly newsletter to build up your confidence and capabilities in solving everyday technology problemss. Everyone else at work seems to be able to access this website without an issue.

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Now when I tried to log on, it said that the security certificate has expired or isnt valid. Leo, criminal ra one video song I get a SecurityCertificate screen pop up every time I get your email. Problem with facebook security certificate? How do I promote my Instagram post without connecting to facebook? Why doesn't Yahoo care about Facebook?

Should I continue to the site which it says is Not Recommended? Become a Patron of Ask Leo! Checked the time, your very first hint and problem solved.

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Your simple solution of checking the clock on my computer fixed the problem instantly. To be honest there are many websites that tell you absolute nonsense and get you so angry and frustrated. Please enter all required fields. Been trying to crack this for hours! All it took was correcting the date!

Delete all cache from chrome. If you have the answer, please share it.

Now I just need to determine root cause. The servers security certificate is revoked of my facebook how can i open again? The thing is, it only doesnt work when I try to log on. Are you able to help me fix the problem? My wife was having trouble with this on her computer.

Check OpenDNS

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Thank you Leo for not being one of those websites. When your computer checks the accuracy of a certificate part of that involves the current time. Changed the month back and all is back to normal. Problem solved, thank you so much. They probably have different certificate settings.

My mopile huaweiascend y security certificate is problem myuser id password is lost please help. Related Questions I cant opened facebook because server's security certificate isnt valid? Getting onto the website is fine, its just logging on that doesnt work. So, as always, make sure you scan with updated anti- virus and anti- spyware software and your anti-malware tools are up and running properly.

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How to turn off or stop people from posting happy birthday on your Facebook? Even the big guys get it wrong sometimes.

If you want some help you need to be more specific. If the clock is off, every https certificate in the world might look broken when you access it.